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1. Free Hit - Arm held to the side, slightly above horizontal with the palm forward toward the field.
2. 16-Yard Hit - Umpire's back is to the end line with arms held to the side, slightly above horizontal, palms forward, pointing towards the center of the field.
3. Long Hit - Arm held to the side, approximately 45 degrees above horizontal, pointing toward the appropriate corner of the field.
4. Penalty Corner - Extend both arms horizontally toward the goal.
5. Penalty Stroke - First signal time-out (arms crossed at the wrist above the head), then extend the right arm overhead and the left arm toward the penalty stroke line.
6. Side-In - For direction, arm extended to the side, slightly above horizontal, palm forward toward the field with other arm down at the side.
7. "Add Ten" - Raise one arm vertically with fist clinched.
8. Stick Interference - Hit forearm of one arm with other hand (chopping action).
9. Advancing - Slightly raise one leg and touch it with the hand.
10. Dangerous Use of Stick - Raise bent arm forward and upward over the head.
11. Obstruction - Arms crossed in front of chest with palms inward.
12. Third Party Obstruction - Arms crossed in front of chest, palms inward, then move forearms in and out one time.
13. Dangerous Play - Arms extended forward, lower than waist, palms down. Move the arms slowly up and down one time.
14. Time-out - Arms extended overhead, crossed at the wrist, palms forward towards the field.
15. Goal Scored - One arm extended overhead, palm forward, then turn and extend both arms horizontally towards the center of the field.
16. Bully - Extend both arms in front of body, below the waist with palms touching, then move the arms and hands from one side to the other one time.
17. Advantage - Extend an arm high from the shoulder in the direction in which the benefiting team is playing.
18. Raised Ball - Arms extended in front of body approximately 18 inches apart, palms facing each other.
19. No Goal - Extend and cross arms in front of body with palms down.

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